Hello (again) world

I think I’ve made a personal website 3-4 times now. Each one sat on the internet dusty and unused. I made them out of a sense of obligation to have a site, not out of genuine interest in creating content.

Well, now I finally feel like making some stuff and need a place to put it. So this site is my attempt at creating that space. It has five main purposes. It is:

  1. An outlet for rare creative impulses (photos, writing, or otherwise)
  2. A place to put coding projects and other technical work/thoughts
  3. A way to keep track of books I read and which ones I like the most
  4. An occasional diary and place to keep track of goals, life events, or whatever I’m consuming at the time
  5. A way for me to learn modern web design and best practices

Plus, this site is just a way for me to document my own life. I have awful long-term memory, so I want a way to look back at what I was up to during a given time.

I plan to post something roughly every other week. Hopefully I can contribute at least a small bit to the vast pool of knowledge and content that is the modern internet.